Research papers

Published peer-reviewed papers

Employee Spinoffs and Other Entrants: Stylized Facts from Brazil, with Marc Muendler and James Rauch, International Journal of Industrial Organization, Sept 2012 [paper

The Home Market Effect in International Arms Trade, Economic Inquiry, Oct 2015. [paper][appendix]  

Is it all about who you know? Prior work connections and entrepreneurial success, with Sarada [SSRN no. 2650627] - ILR Review, Oct 2019

Working papers and ongoing projects

Entrepreneurship and the American Dream: How Far Does the Upward Mobility Ladder Reach?, with Sarada 

Who gets the guns? How conflicts and politics drive international arms transfers, with Brock Blomberg [SSRN no. 2765879

Fiscal Policy and the Trade Balance: An Application to the Construction Industry 

Risky Business: How Households Manage Financial and Human Capital Investment Risk in Entrepreneurship, with Sarada 

Fertility and the Business Cycle, with Sarada 

The Formalization of Networks into Entrepreneurial Organizations, with Sarada